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Dec/Jan Summer Vaycay Box

Dec/Jan Summer Vaycay Box

SKU: 006

Whether you're hitting the beach, climbing mountains, or even puckering up beneath the mistletoe, we've curated the ultimate Summer vaycay box to have you prepped for just about any of those occasions... 


Apivita Queen Bee Night, worth R1410

Made from 95% natural ingredients this light moisturising cream is infused with Greek royal jelly liposomes to speed up skin regeneration and increase elasticity and help define your facial contours. Citrus extract and hyaluronic acid enhance your skin’s defense levels while keeping hydrated. And finally, Rabdosia rubescens (that’s a herb, FYI) extract prevents the appearance of dark spots and redness to give you a more radiant, and even skin tone. 


Lanolab Skin Repair Balm, worth R129

Say hello to your new handbag hero. This locally manufactured balm uses only two ingredients and is 100% natural. Plus there’s no added fragrance, so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Nourish chapped lips (and add a natural glow), tame eyebrows and flyaway hairs, calm itchy bites and minor skin irritations or even pop a touch to your cheekbones for a natural highlighter. This is the multi-purpose powerhouse product you’ll be taking everywhere with you this summer. 


EezySun SPF 50 Snap Sachets (10 x 8ml), worth R139

No need to cart heavy bottles of sunscreen around with you thanks to EezySun’s (locally made) snap sachets. Literally bend, snap & squeeze out the mineral-based sunscreen. FYI mineral sunscreens work differently to chemical ones. Unlike chemical SPFs, they do not penetrate your skin but rather sit on top and reflect UV rays away from your body. This means no harmful chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream so they won’t affect your hormone levels or create skin irritation. It also means they’re reef-friendly. 


Batiste Core Range, (1 of 3 fragrance options) worth R94

This multi-award-winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix to a great hair day. Whether that’s extending a blowout or giving your locks a fresh clean feel (no water required), you’re just a few quick bursts away from a transformed look, so that you’ve got time for more of the fun stuff on holiday. 


Apivita Express Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Hair Mask, worth R15

Gives your crown intense hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid, aloe, thyme honey, and oat proteins, which restore moisture levels inside your hair fibers. For a deeper treatment apply it to towel-dried hair, then wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave for 10-20 minutes. This 20ml sachet is the perfect holiday hair savour. 


Jordan Clean Green Toothbrush, worth R50

It takes approximately 500 years for one plastic toothbrush to decompose, which means by the time it does there will be more than 500 billion in its place, and when you consider the average person throws away at least 3 brushes a year, you can see why this is a pretty big global problem. That’s why we support the Jordan Clean Green Toothbrush. The handle is 100% recycled (made from post-consumer recycled and FDA-approved plastic), while the box it comes in is made from 100% recycled cardboard too. The bristles are made from castor-oil plants (a renewable source) meaning they are environmentally friendly too. 


Jordan Stay Fresh Toothpaste in Cavity Defense, Fresh Breath, and White Smile, (all 3) worth R66.

Jordan also uses recycled plastic from yoghurt containers, margarine tubs, and other food containers from the fridge sections to make their toothpaste tubes. Plus they’re ditching the toothpaste box altogether to prove that you can have totally effective and medically-backed dental products without harming the environment. 

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