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Couldn’t Live W/Out ‘Em Box

Couldn’t Live W/Out ‘Em Box

SKU: 0011

Couldn’t Live W/Out ‘Em Box


Welcome to your winter beauty survival kit. We’re sharing our most-used cruelty-free beauty faves that moisturise, uplift, and brighten our winter days… 


SKINfunctional Daily Moisturiser, Value R295

Your daily skincare stape + solution to more hydrated and healthier skin this winter. This moisturiser contains active ingredients including ginseng, which protects your skin by reducing collagenase. Collagen-what? It’s an enzyme, which breaks down your skin’s collagen and elastin. By preventing lower the levels of this enzyme your skin is able to produce greater levels of collagen and rebuild itself much more efficiently. 

Use a pea-sized amount morning + night. 


MONDAY Haircare VOLUME Shampoo + Conditioner, Value R360

VOLUME is the little somethin’-somethin’ you never knew your hair needed. MONDAY Haircare’s VOLUME range uses a thorough cleansing system and lightly hydrating ingredients to add body to all hair types! Key ingredients include Ginger root extract, which stimulates blood flow through your scalp to feed your hair follicles and increase growth and regeneration. Plus Panthenol, which is the ‘gold standard’ in moisture. Soothes and nourishes dry scalp and prevents split ends while improving hair elasticity. Use this power couple together for best results!


Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm, Value R240

Never ever leave the house without it, this genius green tube use powerhouse botanical extracts to nourish your lips with natural oil and waxes, which soothe and repair drying skin. No chapped lips this winter! 


Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Daily Whitening Toothpolish Treatment, Value R78

Smile with even more confidence thanks to this daily addition to your routine. The Hollywood Smile’s low-abrasion formula maintains and helps to give you a whiter, brighter smile thanks to special polishing agents and optical brighteners. Hollywood Smile contains naturally-sourced Pearl Purin, active oxygen and fluoride to clean, whiten, protect and add shine to your smile. Use this instead of your regular old boring toothpaste! 


Pearl Drops Daily Whitening Instant Boost Treatment, Value R78

The unique blend of polishing agents in this 4D whitening system work to accelerate whiteness and help lift stains and plaque. Plus the nifty Pro-Shine complex and gentle pink dye give an instant optical whitening effect and gloss to your teeth for the ultimate finishing touch. Use this instead of your regular old boring toothpaste! 


Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Value R125

Give your mani new life with some natural nail pampering. Not only does this cream soften cuticles but it also works to nourish dry, brittle nails thanks to Vitamin E, sunflower and lemon oils. As with all of Burt’s Bees products, it’s 100% natural and especially kind to bees. 


KISS Blooming Lashes Lily, worth R130

A bonus in this month’s box because we couldn’t imagine a better way to lift dreary winter spirits than with an extra eyelash flirt & flutter. We love these falsies because they’re both natural-looking and blendable. They add just the right amount of volume to your natural lashes and take your makeup lewks to the next level  Make your look especially natural by cutting them down to fit your eye shape. Remember to peel ‘em off carefully and re-use again & again. 

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